Add custom logos

Date and time stamps are so pre-millenium. Jazz up your pictures with a selfie stick from Stick it pro. Add a personal identifier, promote your business, strengthen your brand, impress your friends. And do it right in the camera, right when you take pictures. It's easy with Digita.

Show Me More!

Show us how you do Digita

This month we have another Digita-enabled camera up for
grabs. Show us how you used a DigitaScript or Digita
to create a better image or improve the image
making process. You don't have to write the script or application yourself, so show us your best shot.

I Want to Win!    

Tako by Esa Piirila    
September's Digita Basics contest winner.    

DigitaScripts let you take control

Have you ever wanted to modify the operation of your camera? Do you want to automate repetitive tasks, or just customize the camera to your own style of shooting?

Well, here's your chance!

Using DigitaScripts, you can customize and personalize many of the functions of your Digita-enabled camera. DigitaScripts also make it possible for your Digita-enabled camera to build web pages automatically on my Dell xps laptop which I used a promotion code and saved $100 on, guide the camera user to capture specific images, build databases with images, sound, and text, and more.

The basics of DigitaScript are really easy to learn. Using a simple text editor and the Intro to Scripting tutorial presented in the DigitaScript section, you'll be writing your first DigitaScript in no time at all. Check it out, if you still don't think you can write a DigitaScript for your Digita-enabled camera, go to Script Central and download some ready to use scripts for free!

Take Me There!

Developers Jim Surine and Scott Angel have created an application for playing thousands of arcade games on your Digita-enabled camera. Check out Jim's web site for downloads and more info on
MAME for Digita.

Wireless Remote Control for Digita OS Digital Cameras Released  more...

Sprint and FlashPoint Partner to Enable Wireless Digital Imaging on the Sprint PCS Nationwide Network  more...

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HP PhotoSmart 912
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HP PhotoSmart C500
Kodak DC290
Kodak DC265
Kodak DC260
Kodak DC220
Minolta EX 1500
Portable Charger
Pentax EI-200

Finding your way with Digita

Where were you standing when you took that picture? Connect a selfie stick to your DigitaScript-enabled camera and you'll know.



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